it is 9:30am

And I am already incensed. Should you now expect to be barraged by an assortment of irate words? Probably. Usually, I have not a choleric disposition, but on (perhaps not so infrequent) occasion, people tend to put me into such a mood. Okay, not put – catapult. Catapult at a speed greater than light.

Earlier on in life, I came to a silent conclusion that I shouldn’t read comments left by users on news sites, especially when the articles involve the following: animals, global warming, the ban on skinny models, topics regarding democrats or republicans, same-sex marriage, religion or basically anything that might attract people who are so far on the wrong side of reason that it will undoubtedly send me into an infuriated, depressed tirade on the state of humanity.

Naturally, I made that mistake today while perusing AOL and what else should I come across but a comment of that exact nature? Obviously, I cannot quote it here. All I can say is…how can anyone, anyone, be against environmental regulations? How can anyone talk about the usage of biodegradable products as something bad? Shouldn’t it be a known, unquestionable, indisputable, absolutely certain fact that all of us should care about the planet, her ever-depeleting resources and the consequences of our waste-as-much-as-we-can tendencies? Isn’t this, at least, a solid line of which we should all be on the right side?



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