stormy summer as per usual // canal – it was 26C the day before we arrived and the day after we left // jak looking dapper // c’est moi? with a coat in june? // outside the station in utrecht – bicycle parking lot //really adorable … really //  🙂 // yes, your bicycle will be towed away // fresh mint tea during our visit to wonderfully lacking utrecht.


arrival in amsterdam

The trip has begun with a series of unfortunate events: our vegetarian meal failed to board the plane with us // prebooked private driver so did not meet us at the Meeting Point // the other taxi we called could not exit the airport (his card refused to work, gate would not open, 1 hour lost in cursing and near fatal attempts to simply bowl over the gate) // weather – 14C – rain – coats and sweaters in June (it was 27C just days previously).

Sigh, what disasterous phenonmen awaits us now?






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